In addition to a large number of medicines, sites of these online pharmacies have a blog where you can find a lot of helpful information about medications, treatment of various diseases, as well as different fascinating facts and news. Our experts will always tell you which medicine is best for you and how to take it. Modafinil is also available.

Crosby’s Drugs
Address: 2609 N High St, Columbus, OH 43202, United States | Phone: (614) 263-9424 | Website:

I love them. They are a reliable mom and pop that gets the job done. Their home goods are also the cheapest in the neighborhood. If I ever need anything on my way home, from soap to notebooks, Crosby’s Drugs has me.

This review is strictly for the pharmacy. I’ve never had any problems with the other part of the store. This Crosby’s Drugs is an absolute joke. It’s like they go out of their way to make it harder to get meds. They refuse to order stuff early so it can be filled on time (Meijer has no problem). They are always “out” of Modafinil and don’t bother informing the customer because it’s not an auto-fill Rx. The script should be a reason to check the supply. The app says that the Rx was filled the day the doctor sent the script over.

Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio
Address: 200 E Livingston Ave, Columbus, OH 43215, United States | Phone: (614) 227-0301 | Website:

I am a creature of habit and just moved to the area. I loved my last pharmacy and the employees. I was pleased to see this one was open in later hours. I was nervous that I wouldn’t feel as comfortable at this Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio or that the staff would be as fantastic, but I am delightfully wrong!!! Very sweet and helpful ladies are working here! I wish I knew the names. I will soon. Glad to know my new pharmacy is one I will be happy to shop at!

They are terrible. Once you get home with your meds, even if they send you with the wrong script, you can’t exchange or refund. It happened when they give me Modafinil with dosages of 100 mg instead of 200 mg. They are super rude and unhelpful. They “misplace” the insurance info and discount card info all the time, then won’t take them over fax or email so that you don’t have to come in then wait another 20 minutes while they redo everything. And sometimes, after you pay and leave (at their own counter, no less), you get letters in the mail saying you left without paying, and you have to come back in with your receipt and prove you aren’t a thief. They are ridiculous. If other pharmacies weren’t so much higher, I’d go somewhere else, but I can’t afford to with 10-12 scripts.

Giant Eagle Pharmacy
Address: 840 W 3rd Ave, Columbus, OH 43212, United States | Phone: (614) 294-2344 | Website:

I LOVE Giant Eagle Pharmacy. It’s immaculate in cleanliness. Has a friendly and helpful staff. Most sale items are in stock, and they have parking. It’s 300 billion times better than the really AWFUL one a few blocks away. Definitely go to this location and NOT that miserable little Shipyard store. No pompous attitude here, just outstanding service with a smile!

Stop my brother with stage 4 cancer goes IB to have prescription filled. Denied by the insurance company, Giant Eagle Pharmacy charges 400 dollars for Provigil and some pain meds. He can’t pay that much understandable at this point. We contacted the insurance company, and they agreed to cover a 3-day emergency supply until the doctor can be reached Monday morning. All they need is for the pharmacist to call and verify a 3day emergency supply. Nope. Giant Eagle Pharmacy pharmacists are apparently too lazy and could care less about a stage 4 cancer patient to do this pathetic and basically no human decency. I wouldn’t bring my dog here with the attitude these people have. Giant Eagle Pharmacy has permanently lost my business.

Tremont Pharmacy
Address: 2144 Tremont Center, Columbus, OH 43221, United States | Phone: (614) 488-2625 | Website:

I had to pick up some late-night medicines. Incredible that this Tremont Pharmacy is open until midnight. So many other drug stores in the area close down earlier. The cashier was super friendly and helpful. When I could not find the medicine, she offered to help. Checkout was easy (they take Google Pay which is always nice). So let’s sum it up. Friendly service, Provigil was available, no long lines, what else could I ask for?

Rude staff lied to me on several occasions and used the pharmacy’s disorganization to their advantage. I was told my insurance wouldn’t cover my medicine. When I called my insurance, they said it was paid, told my dr needed to okay it. The doctor’s office said it was okay but told me insurance wouldn’t cover it. When I went in, I was told the system automatically says insurance issue. Finally, an employee told me it was at the pharmacist’s discretion not to give it to me. I’ll be calling in a complaint. There’s a reason they have a two-star average.