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6th Annual Winter WODland

This is a partner competition designed to be inclusive, competitive, fun exercising.  We have added an intermediate division!

DIVISIONS: RX Women, RX Men, Intermediate Women, Intermediate Men, Scaled Women & Scaled Men
TEAMS: 16 RX Teams, 16 Intermediate Teams & 16 Beginner Teams (8 Women’s & 8 Men’s Teams in each division)
HEATS: There will be 2 heats of 4 teams for each division
TIME: 7:00am – 5pm
COST: $150 per team.  Each participant will receive event t-shirt.
AWARDS: Top 3 finishers from each division will podium.

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED!   Entry fees are non-refundable, but transferable.  Any athlete under 18 will be required to provide additional parental/guardian consent prior to competition.  Must be 14 years of age to enter.  Deadline is January 8!

Please select your division by choosing the appropriate division and filling in all the necessary information.  You will get a registration email within the week confirming your information and team name.  Train hard and have fun!


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Division Movement Expectations
RX Division:

  • Barbell Movements Minimum Weight: 135/95 lbs
  • Dumbbell Movements: 70/50 lbs
  • Box Jumps/Overs: 24/20″
  • Double Unders/Crossovers
  • Kipping HSPU/Handstand Walk
  • Chest-to-Bars, Toes-to-Bar, Pull-ups, Ring Muscle-ups (one person), Pistols

Intermediate Division:

  • Barbell Movements Minimum Weights: 95/65 lbs
  • Dumbbell Movements: 50/35 lbs
  • Box Jumps/Overs: 24/20″
  • Double Unders (one person)
  • Kipping HSPU (one person)
  • Chest-to-Bars, Toes-to-Bar (or rings), Pull-ups (one person)

Scaled Division

  • Barbell Movements Minimum Weight: 75/55 lbs
  • Dumbbell Movements: 35/25 lbs
  • Box Step-ups/Overs: 24/20″
  • Single Unders
  • Hand Release Push-ups
  • Jumping Pull-ups, Ring Rows

These lists are in no way, shape, or form a list of all movements to expect as there are too many to list for our sport. The scaled divisions are an opportunity to get some of our developing athletes involved in competition with others at their skill level and perfect for masters or teenage competitors not comfortable with Rx & Intermediate standards.

Specific Times

Scaled Registration:  7:00-7:30am.  8am start w/10:40am awards.

Intermediate Registration:  9:30-10:15am.  11am start w/1:40pm awards.

RX Registration:  12:30-1:15pm.  2pm start w/4:45pm awards.