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This is a pre-Thanksgiving and post-Nationals strongman NAS Level 1 event.  All classes included if demand is met, including novice.  Events will be:

  • Axle clean and press each rep 60 sec
  • 18″ deadlift, 3 attempts. Wessels rules, rising bar, yes suits
  • Anderson squat for reps in 60 sec. This will be with an axle. No suits or briefs, knee wraps ok.  Starting height will be about mid stomach after feet are set.
  • Carry and drag medley.  Keg, stone, prowler push and pull 75 sec, 60ft each run
  • Stone over bar reps in 60 sec, two weights to choose from

These are initial weights subject to change:


We will be collecting food donations for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank in the spirit of Thanksgiving.  We would appriciate any donations you would like to offer.