CrossFit Extremity in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

ex-trem-ity --  the furthest point or limit of something Beyond Limits Training East is proud to present CrossFit Extremity!  Our Reynoldsburg location will offer unlimited class memberships for those looking for an economical and awesome way to build strenth & conditioning. Learn how to squat, press, pull, clean, run, jump, have fun and get in [...]

Reynoldsburg Personal Training

Beyond Limits Training features the best personal trainers around and we are very excited to be serving the Reynoldsburg, Pickerington, Pataskala and Canal Winchester area.  Our certified personal trainers build a personalized fitness solution for you based on your schedule, fitness level and goals.  Our members and clients have attained life-changing results through joining the Beyond [...]

Reynoldsburg 24 Hour Fitness

Whether you want to get in shape for your family, to better yourself, or to assist in your career advancement; there is no better time than now to join the Beyond Limits Training community and begin achieving physical fitness!  Beyond Limits is a friendly, safe, and comfortable 24-hour fitness center located in downtown Columbus featuring [...]

Reynoldsburg Gym

Beyond Limits Training provides you with an excellent place to train 24 hours per day.  Beyond Limits is more than just a fitness facility; it is a community of personal trainers and members genuinely interested in your fitness success!  Whether you want to get in shape or go to the next level in your fitness [...]

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CrossFit Extremity & Columbus, Ohio Fitness Classes

In addition to 24/7 open gym, Beyond Limits also offers classes for the best value in group training that will build strength, endurance and change the way you look and feel!  At our Beyond Limits Training East location we offer CrossFit Extremity and downtown we offer both Mayhem Circuit Training and Strength & Conditioning classes.  Contact [...]

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