Trainer Tabs

Rich Lauro

As owner of Beyond Limits Training, Rich trains both novice and advanced clients.  He is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer who also specializes in bodybuilding, strength training and fat loss.   CLICK HERE to learn more about Rich.

Matt Ferguson

Matt Ferguson offers personal training for young athletes or any age looking to shed some pounds, build strength or just get back into shape.  Matt can help you achieve your best! CLICK HERE to learn more about Matt.

Adam Atkinson

Adam provides personal training and circuit training classes.  His current client focus includes weight loss, muscle gain, bodybuilding and figure prep.  Adam offers a personalized approach to help clients meet their goals.   CLICK HERE to learn more about Adam.

Lauren Miller

Lauren can help people of all levels whether new to fitness or an experienced athlete.  With a background in athletics she has much experience with strength, conditioning, weight loss and improving quality of life through functional training. CLICK HERE to learn more about Lauren.

Nate Dunning

Nate's extensive background in strength training, bodybuilding and weight loss yields an effective solution to any client's need.   CLICK HERE to learn more about Nate.