Member of the Month

Members of the Quarter 2013 Q1 – Heather Drake Figure & Tyree Dunn Strength

As 2013 kicked off, Beyond Limits Training grew significantly and the progress of our members grew as well.  Point in case is the success of WNBF Figure Pro and member Heather Drake and strength athlete Tyree Dunn.  Heather began attending posing classes in the spring of 2012 where she won the overall figure title at [...]

Members of the Month December 2012 – Julie Anderson Weight Loss

Julie Anderson was awarded Member of the Month to wrap up the 2012 year after an incredible before and after weight loss transformation!  Julie dropped 38 lbs or 18.9% in just 13 weeks to win the women's division of the 2012 Leanest Winner competition and earn $500 cash. Julie joined Beyond Limits at the end [...]

Members of the Month October & November 2012 – Michael Goodstein & Bri Hawkins

So many members continued to impress the Beyond Limits Training staff, but these two stood out in the months of October and November 2012. Michael Goodstein - October Member of the Month Michael came to us fresh out of physical therapy after three knee surgeries in the past two years.  He had been very active [...]

Member of the Month September 2012 – Ashley Barnhart

Ashley Barnhart (left photo, far right) was voted September 2012 Member of the Month at Beyond Limits Training after completing an amazing transformation in only five months.  Ashley began training with Beyond Limits Trainer Adam Atkinson in May after giving birth to her son just months earlier.   We often explain to many new members that [...]

Member of the Month August 2012 – Kendra Stiffler

Kendra Stiffler joined Beyond Limits Training exactly one year ago to lose weight, get back into shape and perhaps hit the compeitive stage in figure.  She had done little weight training until starting with Beyond Limits, but had a significant cheerleading and gymnastics background. Over the next several months Kendra transformed her physique dropping incredible [...]

Member of the Month July 2012 – Steve DeVoyd

July's Member of the Month award goes to Steve DeVoyd, whose transformation over the past several years has been incredible.  Steve began training with Rich 4 years ago at 200 pounds as a diabetic with little to no weight lifting experience.  He was on a heavy insulin regimen, had out of control cholesterol and his [...]

Member of the Month June 2012 – Aaron Yohe

Aaron Yohe was the unanimous choice for Member of the Month in June due to his continual transformation, outstanding training performance and notable difference he has made on all those around him at Beyond Limits.  Last fall Aaron came out on top a long list of thirty competitors during our annual Leanest Winner competition with [...]

Member of the Month May 2012 – Darin Furderer

Darin's path to success thus far in the gym has been steady over the last 3 years.  He has been with Beyond Limits since our first month of operation in January 2010.  And since our humble beginnings as a studio, he has improved drastically. Darin has exemplified the Member of the Month criteria of drastic [...]

Members of the Month March & April 2012 – Jeff Covington & Andrea Sweetland

We combined the March and April honoring of Beyond Limits Training Member of the Month into one due to the busy spring competition season.  With so many incredible success stories, it was a tough decision for the staff of Beyond Limits to make.  We are pleased to honor both Jeff Covington and Andrea Sweetland for [...]

Member of the Month 2/2012 – Becky Lewinstein

   Becky Lewinstein was voted Member of the Month by the Beyond Limits staff in February 2012 for continued outstanding performance and progress.  Since joining Beyond Limits Training in May 2010, she has dropped nearly 30 pounds, significantly improved strength and muscle tone, aerobic conditioning and inspired others.  Trainer Terrell Campbell and BATL teammates have [...]