We at Beyond Limits Training & CrossFit Extremity remain committed to providing the best gyms and highest quality service to our members.  We will continue to provide great classes and training as CrossFit Extremity.  Our gym has and always will be a place of refuge for all people and have never tolerated racism, hate and frankly have very low tolerance for anything negative that will stand between you and improving as a human being.

Beyond Limits began nearly 11 years ago to provide an amazing gym to train that was dynamic, inclusive and diverse in every sense of the word.  While many gyms specialize on one methodology of fitness, we have the most diverse offering and availability.  Our members have participated in the widest range of sports, have overcome disease, obesity, drug addiction, suicide and depression.  We vary greatly in age, beliefs, race and skin color.  It’s beautiful!

Within a few years of beginning our gym we found CrossFit.  It filled the gap for cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning that could not be achieved on a machine or barbell alone.  CrossFit identified gaps in mobility, work capacity, gymnastics and weightlifting proficiency.  It melted fat off our members, it better prepared everyone for life and inspired us to create a second gym location to fight the good fight of fitness.  When we were forced to close our gyms during the pandemic, our CrossFit Extremity community stepped up and we will never forget this.

Thank you to the many who have returned to our gyms!  We are thankful for our spacious gym atmospheres, the continued focus on cleanliness by everyone and the positive attitudes during such a tumultuous time.  The positivity inside of our gyms since we’ve reopened has been incredible!  Let’s continue to rally together and lift each other up during this difficult time.