The journey into creating Beyond Limits Training began now seven years ago in the fall of 2009 as the certainty of my career in personal training was unstable.  With prayers and money from friends, we took a leap of faith in beginning a small 1,500 SF personal training studio.  We didn’t have much, but with a baby on the way and my previous gym employer in foreclosure; I disregarded any previous statements I had made about “never wanting to own a gym”.  This makes me laugh as we now own two gyms.

I look back at our humbling beginnings and truly thank God for how far that we’ve come!  Since those days we’ve been blessed with some of the best trainers, coaches and gym members a gym owner could ever ask to walk through their doors.  We feel confident to post #1 in Columbus Fitness on our website, because I have yet to see another gym dominate bodybuilding, figure, bikini, strongman, powerlifting, weightlifting, CrossFit AND life-changing weight loss like Beyond Limits Training!  Certainly no gym would ever try to house all those things under one roof but us!  Perhaps one or two of those things, but not all.

This website is a tribute to the success of our trainers, members and hard-working clients!  I hope to add a personal touch by sharing more of our success here.  We have great plans for both of our gyms as we head into the end of 2016 and begin 2017!  As it stands we are the longest standing gym in downtown Columbus and we’re just getting started at BLT East and CrossFit Extremity!!  I pledge that the hardest working gym will continue to be led by the hardest working gym owner I can be.  I nearly died from exhaustion probably four times this past week alone, haha joking.  I’m fine.  There is no limit to what we can do!  I hope to see many of you out for our Summer PR Day this coming Saturday!!


Rich Lauro

Owner, Manager & Trainer


A little more about our timeline can be found at About Beyond Limits.