As 2013 kicked off, Beyond Limits Training grew significantly and the progress of our members grew as well.  Point in case is the success of WNBF Figure Pro and member Heather Drake and strength athlete Tyree Dunn.  Heather began attending posing classes in the spring of 2012 where she won the overall figure title at last year’s Natural Buckeye Classic.  Soon thereafter she began training with Beyond Limits trainer Terrell for her WNBF pro debut.  

Drake NMA_MagazineDrake Overall_TOC_2013

Drake DeadliftHeather went on to kick off a very successful season in WNBF Pro Figure winning her debut at the Tournament of Champions in Columbus and also the Pro American in Boston.  She remains humble and a team player through it all.  She can be seen leading group training sessions with fellow training partners working with Terrell.  Heather is currently preparing for the 2013 WNBF World Championships and when asked of her expectations she responded, “I’m just going to bring my best and have fun.  I will be honored just to be up there.”  That is a great perspective from somoene who has yet to be beaten.

Tyree Dunn joined Beyond Limits and immediately began pushing some big weight a few years after playing college football for Ohio Dominican.  Within a few months Tyree found himself setting the pace for strength on our squat, bench press and deadlift leader board.  

His 600 lb squat, 415 bench and 620 deadlift are outstanding accomplishments.  However, he was also seen doing hand-stand walks, thrusters, burpees and running to improve his aerobic conditioning with Beyond Limits team member Terrell.  Tyree proved that you can improve conditioning and strength simultaneously.  He did so while encouraging numerous members around him to step their game up.  Tyree plans on competing in powerlifting in the future.  Congrats to both Heather and Tyree on their continued journey forward!

Tyree DeadliftTyree Wall_Walk