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Another season of bodybuilding and figure competition is in full swing with nearly every organization having a big show to kick off the year.  So, what does 2013 hold for the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) as one of the premier organizations in drug free competition?  

As November drew to a close and nearly every drug free organization held it’s own World Championships; it was clear that the WNBF remained at the forefront of the natural bodybuilding and figure revolution.  The depth of the 2012 INBF & WNBF World Championships was absolutely incredible.  Big names were stacked on top of big names, and many up-and-comers were also mixing things up with some of those big names.  It’s clear that the WNBF Worlds was in a class of it’s own in the 2012 drug free bodybuilding and figure arena.

To look forward in 2013, we have to look back at what went down at last year’s World Championships and other pro shows.  In less than a week the first WNBF show kicks off with the Pro Tournament of Champions in Columbus, Ohio awarding $7,5000 in prize money.  So far this year, we’ve seen several WNBF Pro Cards awarded since March and a great new issue of Pro Natural Muscle Newsletter.  We give the newsletter two thumbs up on coverage, which all natural bodybuilding and figure fans want.

2013 WNBF Pro Schedule:

1. Hayzer Cayli – New World Champ

Cayli World_Champ2012 Worlds_Back_Double_Overall

Hayzer made his presence known at the 2010 WNBF World Championships in the runner-up spot behind Martin Daniels in the heavyweight class.  The Australian hit the stage two years later much improved with tremendous hardness, balance and symmetry coming out on top of an ultra competitive middleweight class.

The photos of the overall lineup of Hayzer (center of right photo) against last year’s World Champ Richard Gozdecki and 4-time lightweight World Champ Brian Whitacre speak for themselves.  This overall lineup made the judges work really had to distinguish the overall winner.  Hayzer possessed additional muscle maturity and separation with extreme density along his hamstrings and back.  It is unkown if Hayzer will hit the stage again in 2013, but he will be a name known in natural bodybuilding when he returns.

2. Richard Gozdecki – Back-to-Back Heavyweight Wins
gozdecki martin_daniels_side_chestRichard Gozdecki_Overall_Hands_on_HIps

Richard (far left in both photos) took the title at the 2012 Multipower Pro Cup in Switzerland and then came back to defend his heavyweight title against Martin Daniels.  He again won that very close battle for the second year and looked simply huge with improved conditioning.  Gozdecki plans on taking his first break from the stage in four years in 2013 and focus on powerlifting.  His wins in 2012 and 2011 overall World Championship title warranted mention for when he returns.

3. Brian Whitacre – 4-Time Lightweight World Champ

Brian Whitacre2012 Worlds_Side_Chest_Overall

Brian came out on top again for the fourth time in the lightweight World Championship class.  He again nailed a best ever performance, but faced formidable heavyweight size from the other two international champions.  Brian was sporting paper thin skin and awesome proportion.  The real question is can another lightweight beat Brian Whitacre?

 4. Martin Daniels – The Hungry Champ

Martin Pro_NaturalMartin Daniels_Texas_Win

Martin Daniels is certainly one of the favorites for the World title in 2013.  He won the Mr. Universe in Barbados, Pro International in Texas (center of right photo) and took the runner-up spot in the Worlds heavy class beating a total of 19 pro bodybuilders in 2012.  Whatever show Martin enters, he will be collecting some prize money.  But, he is certainly hungry for his former World Championship overall title.

5. Francisco Montealegre – Undefeated in Class

FranciscoFrancisco Front_Lat

Francisco added to his list of wins in 2012 by winning the overall at the WNBF Pro American after being undefeated in his weight class at a pro level.  He has set his sight fully on the WNBF World Championships this year and will bring his patented freaky quads, arm size and spot on conditioning.  Francisco Montealegre is one to watch in 2013! 

6. Shevon Cunningham – Middleweight Force

shevon worldsShevon with_Trevor

Shevon followed up with his middleweight World Championship win in 2011 only to lose to the World Champ Hayzer this past year in middleweight class.  It’s safe to say he is staying atop the WNBF elite after knocking off 6 other pro champions in what was perhaps the toughest class seen in years in any natural bodybuilding competition.  Shevon brought back that razor sharp hardness with his patented fullness and proportion.

7. Trevor Sajdak – Up & Comer

Trevor MastersTrevor Worlds

As if Trevor Sajdak’s wins at the Tournament of Champions in 2011 and Pro Men’s Masters Champions in 2012 were enough to prove he is a threat in the WNBF.  Factor in a 3rd place finish behind Cayzer at the Worlds this past year, that included Shevon and other many great pro champions in an epic class.  Trevor added substantial size after his rookie season and still brought his incredible conditioning.  He plans on taking off all of 2013, but we will see if he can stay away from the stage.  Otherwise we will see Trevor Sajdak early in 2014.

8. Levi Burge – Rookie Standout

Levi Burge_TOC_Samuelburge

We knew that Levi was going to be a force to reckon with after his INBF Amateur World Championship overall title, and he came out with a bang in his rookie season losing only to Martin Daniels and Francisco.  With two runner-up pro finishes last year, Levi sports tremendous size and symmetry.  He started off the 2013 WNBF season with an overall win at the Tournament of Champions with incredible proportions.  Watch out for him the rest of this season!

9. Miles Stovall – Veteran WNBF Champion

Miles Front_DoubleMiles Back_Lat

Miles Stovall has continued a great run only to stopped in 2012 by Daniels at the Pro International in Texas and a 5th place finish in that tough World’s middleweight class that included most of the names above.  Do not forget that Miles won that same World’s title in 2010.  The WNBF veteran continues to improve as does his competition.  Miles plans on returning the Pro International and World’s to retake his titles.

10. Greg Rando – Masters Champ

rando beachPro Middles

Greg Rando continued his assualt on nearly every WNBF Pro show with another win at the Pro Masters fall show with over 14 Masters Pros.  He finished in fourth at the Worlds, just in front of Miles Stovall with tremendous size and hardness.  Greg does not yet have any plans in 2013.  He will have to continue to make subjtle improvements with the ever growing competitive landscape of the WNBF.

11. Patrick Harris – Wildcard Rookie

Patrick HarrisPro Lightweight

Patrick Harris won the 2012 INBF lighweight Amateur World Championship class and earned an immediate birth in the WNBF World Championships the next day.  An impressive accomplishment in itself was made more impressive with a runner-up finish behind Brian Whitacre in that pro debut.  Patrick sports impressive legs and overall size in that lighweight class.  His key will to be improve hardness and overall polish as continues to take on the pro level going forward.

12. Tyler English

Tyler EnglishTyler English_Light_Back_Worlds_

Tyler English returned to the WNBF stage again with another 3rd place finish this time as lightweight after finishing 3rd as a middleweight at the 2010 World’s.  Tyler’s balance and size were awesome as usual with a superb level of conditioning.  He has a pro win under his belt and has solidified himself as a World Championship contender with another top 3 finish.  Tyler has no current plans in 2013 with his growing training business, but lookout for him in 2014!

13. Gavin Gibson

Gavin Gibson_vascularityGavin Gibson_flyer_crop

Gavin Gibson is another UK athlete who made a big impact at the 2012 World Championships.  Gavin took the INBF Amateur World Championship title and rolled right into the WNBF pro lineup the next day finishing 3rd behind Gozdecki and Daniels who are not bad names to follow in a lineup.  He also beat out the hard as nails Kurt Weidner, improved Monetti and massive Jim Collins in his pro debut.  Watch out for Gavin at the 2013 European Pro Cup in Switzerland!

14. Anthony Monetti

Anthony at_BarbadosMonetti Back

Anthony had a great year in 2012 with a fourth place finish at the Worlds and a pro heavyweight 1st place at the U.S. Cup.  He has both great size and conditioning to make him dangerous at any WNBF show he does.  Anthony will be one to watch going forward and gets better every season.

15. Eric White

Eric White_Pro_Tournament_of_ChampionsEric White_and_Sean_Young_Pro_Champsjpg

Eric White has been a pro in the WNBF for over ten years and last year earned his first win at the 2012 Pro Tournament of Champions in Columbus over a tough Sean Young.  He previously took a runner-up nod at the 2011 Pro American.  Eric doesn’t currently have plans to compete in 2013, but we can expect continued improvements from this veteran making him tough to beat!

Full results and photos are up from the WNBF Pro Tournament of Champions!  Our figure preview will come after we get settled after the show.  This season proves to be a great one for natural bodybuilding and figure!!  Thanks in advance to Nancy Andrews for her great feedback on the 2013 season, whose Pro American in June will surely bring out some of the above named athletes.