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Arnold Weekend Gym Day Pass:  $15

Arnold Weekend 3-Day Pass:  $30

Arnold Weekend Keycard Week Pass:  $40

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Beginning February 28, the entire fitness industry convenes in Columbus, Ohio for the Arnold Sports Festival. “The Arnold” is the largest multi-sport event in the United States, with over 18,000 athletes competing in more than 45 events. Notable events include powerlifting, strongman, Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit and one of the most prestigious bodybuilding competitions in the world.

The Sports Festival is accompanied by one of the largest fitness expos in the country, with 700 booths attracting over 175,000 fitness enthusiasts each year. The Arnold weekend draws in some of the fitness industry’s biggest names and most notable experts. The expo allows attendees to meet and talk with their favorite fitness icons, all while collecting free samples of the newest supplements and products on the market. Needless to say, the Arnold Sports Festival is a can’t-miss event for the avid fitness enthusiast!

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Less than a Mile from the Convention Center

Beyond Limits Training is less than a mile from Greater Columbus Convention Center where much of the action takes place.  For the fourth year, the gym will play host to a variety of athletes and spectators for the weekend offering up both day and weekend guest passes.

What can you expect at Beyond Limits?

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This is not your typical big box gym.  If you are looking for rows and rows of machines or a “cardio cinema” room, then you will not find it here.  However, you will find an array of free weights, racks, benches and the machines you do need to hit a hardcore workout during the Arnold.  Yes, we do have cardio equipment.  But, more impressive is our trainings space featuring a competition bench, 3 squat racks, 10 barbells, 6 specialty bars, bumper plates, boards, bands, chains, strongman logs, tires, kettlebells, plyoboxes and a Nebula leg press that can hold a giant leg press!  Yeah buddy!

Last year’s guests included Layne Norton for a leg training seminar and exhibition of 15 sets of 500 plus pound deadlifts, photoshoots galore, a visit from 3-time Arnold Classic champion Adela Garcia after her win, IFBB Pro Toni West for a back training seminar and slews of the best athletes and bodybuilders around!

Who will be there this year?

Stop by and find out!  Photoshoots are booking now with new private space available.  Posing classes are being held by Rich Lauro, Wendy Campbell and IFBB pro Toni West on Saturday afternoon.  The best in natural bodybuilding will be getting together to train on Friday night at 6pm.  It’s sure to be a spectacle!

Want to join us!

Contact Us, drop in for a day pass or reach Owner/Manager Rich Lauro at (614) 284-5037 for more information.

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Photography by Rich Lauro, Ken Snow, Noel Daganta, Don Bersano & Dan Ray.  Introduction by Eric Trexler.