Nate Headshot_cropJust a few weeks ago, Nate Dunning made his official debut as a personal trainer at Beyond Limits Training.  Nate began training at Beyond Limits in 2010 and has been known around the gym for his tremendous strength, work ethic and ability to make those around him better.  He recently completed his certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) following his Associate’s Degree in Exercise Science from Columbus State.

Nate began lifting weights and training in high school with football and then progressed to powerlifting and bodybuilding.  He has competed in natural bodybuilding the last 3 years where his passion for heatlh and fitness grew.  Nate’s experience includes weight loss, strength training, functional training and bodybuilding.  He is passionate about helping others reach their goals, eating healthy and improving their fitness.  He has already received the following praises:

“Nate is patient and listens, he teaches me not just about what I’m doing in the gym but includes food & nutrition advice, plus he’s helped me think of ways to integrat my workout into my busy travel schedule.  He helps correct my form, encourages and pushes me to keep going when he sees me tire out.  He does all the other things some take for granted, but having worked with lesser trainers in the past before Nate at other gyms, I know first-hand that not all trainers successfully incorporate such a comprehensive view into their sessions.  Many don’t even try.  Nate’s not afraid to correct my form when needed, but he is never condescending.  He makes me feel comfortable and not self-conscious at all, which is a big thing when you’re out of shape and just starting a program.  He’s knowledgeable, encouraging and professional.  He seems genuinely interested in teaching and helping me progress and I’m impressed.

Nate Tire_Flip_cropI check into Beyond Limits becaus I liked your story and philosophy.  Nate is exactly what I had hoped for after we talked.  On top of all that he seemed like just a heck of a nice guy too, and I really enjoyed working with him.  Rich joked about it, but he was right in that he is a good “matchmaker” of professionals and customers.  Nate is now my “go-to guy” for fitness and I’m grateful to have him.

I’ve started to see real progress with my health already, and with Nate’s help I’m actually seeing the beginning of what I believe is going to be a long but successful joreny towards better health and possible true fitness for the first time in my life.  I couldn’t be happier I chose Beyond Limits to do this and I wanted to be sure you knew!”

We are pleased to have Nate Dunning on staff at Beyond Limits Training!  If you are serious about your health and fitness, contact us to inquire about Nate’s services.

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