Kendra kickbacks_cropKendra Stiffler joined Beyond Limits Training exactly one year ago to lose weight, get back into shape and perhaps hit the compeitive stage in figure.  She had done little weight training until starting with Beyond Limits, but had a significant cheerleading and gymnastics background.

Over the next several months Kendra transformed her physique dropping incredible amounts of body fat, building strength and muscle tone.  She utilized knowledge from nearly every trainer at Beyond Limits to help make her successful.  

Kendra’s season kicked off this past April where she finished 5th in the competitive novice figure short class at the Buckeye Classic and then earned a 2nd place in the open figure short class at the INBF Tri State the next month.

But, her journey did not stop there.  In addition to full time work, Kendra started law school and still decided to push forward into fall to continue to make improvements.  She was occasionally seen studying while simultaneously doing cardio before work.  Kendra finished her season with an overall win and WNBF Pro Card at the Cardinal Classic!  All this in just one year.  It’s been a tough journey from her first ten pounds lost, to her first pull-up and all the way to a Pro Card.  It’s been an inspirational season!  Congratulations.

Kendra back2 Kendra transformation_med