Steve D_OH_PressJuly’s Member of the Month award goes to Steve DeVoyd, whose transformation over the past several years has been incredible.  Steve began training with Rich 4 years ago at 200 pounds as a diabetic with little to no weight lifting experience.  He was on a heavy insulin regimen, had out of control cholesterol and his triglyerides were through the roof.  Steve was using 4 different medications to keep these numbers in control.  During the first year and a half he dropped 20-25 pounds and his waist went from 36 to 30 inches.  He also has dropped 2 medications entirely, uses 20% of the insulin he previously used and has restored his cholesterol and triglycerides to normal levels.

Steve Transformation_medOver the past year Steve has made even further progress with increased strength, shoulder mobility and  overall transformation.  He was not able to press a bar overhead previously due to shoulder ailments and shown here can now put 125 pounds overhead.  He has since dropped from 180 pounds to 160 pounds, and is preparing for his first bodybuilding competition in the Masters category at the Cardinal Classic.  Steve has truly proved that fitness can improve dramatically with age and proper training!  

Steve D_Most_Musc