BLT CleanOver the past few weeks, I couldn’t help but notice something different going on at our gym.  Perhaps different isn’t the word, but rather widespread.  Beyond Limits Training was founded on the principle of effective and intense training in an environment that helps people best achieve their goals.  At any given moment, you could see someone working hard at Beyond Limits towards weight loss, athleticism, bodybuilding or figure competition.  These efforts seem to have multiplied this summer.  

Members of all ages, shapes, sizes and experience levels can be seen giving 110 percent to their training this summer.  What has changed?  We’ve simply continued to add more great trainers and members.  New members are dropping pounds, hitting personal records of strength, training with CrossFit WOD’s or just achieving life changing results.  Our community and enthusiasm cannot be matched in any gym I’ve seen in my 18 years of training in gyms.  This is not a sales pitch.  It’s the truth.  

We continue to grow our gym in members, knowledge and tools to get the job done.  We are getting geared up for our annual Leanest Winner transformation contest this fall.  As always we are continuing to improve strength and conditioning training for all of our members.  Contact us if you’d like to join the Beyond Limits fitness movement!

Ladies DB_CleanStones _Rubber_Champion_Wall