Aaron Yohe_Deadlift_med

Aaron Yohe was the unanimous choice for Member of the Month in June due to his continual transformation, outstanding training performance and notable difference he has made on all those around him at Beyond Limits.  Last fall Aaron came out on top a long list of thirty competitors during our annual Leanest Winner competition with an amazing 39 pounds and 7 inches off his waist lost in just twelve weeks.

But, that is not why he is receiving this award.  Since last winter he has dropped even more pounds and considerably stepped up his strength and conditioning.  Aaron was one of the few to achieve new personal records at our Mid-Year PR Day on all three major movements in the squat, bench and deadlift. 

Perhaps the most noticeable change is the effect Aaron has on those around him at Beyond Limits.  In the past few weeks you may have seen him jump in on a run with a tired member, help push his training partner or frequently perform fun volunteer work such as Prowler pushes with other groups.  His change is truly remarkable  from 250 lbs sedentary to a less than 200 lbs fit and strong.  The sky is the limit for what Aaron can do!  Congratulations and keep the journey and positive influence going!!

Aaron Yohe_Squat_med