With only four of the ten WNBF pro bodybulding and figure competitions in the books, there is much to remain of this year’s season and the $75,000 in prize money up for grabs.  Natural bodybuilding and figure competition is at all time in terms of popularity and prize money.  The WNBF has started it’s season off in line with this success.  Let’s recap what has happened so far this season:

WNBF Pro Men’s Tournament of Champions – April 14, 2012 in Columbus, Ohio

 TOC LighweightTOC Heavyweight

Lightweight Men 

  1. Eric White – Overall Champ 
  2. Jay Johnson
  3. Matt Soeder
  4. Michael Carter
  5. Joe Przybyla

Heavyweight Men

  1. Sean Young 
  2. Reggie Ruffin
  3. Scott Rawlings Jr.
  4. Rawle Greene
  5. Kyron Moses

Eric White_and_Sean_Young_Pro_Champsjpg

The Tournament of Champions kicked off the spring season in Columbus, Ohio with a mix of both new pros and veterans taking the stage.  The density and conditioning of veteran Eric White prevailed over rookies Jay Johnson and Matt Soeder to win the pro lightweight class.  Eric finished 2nd at the Pro American in 2011 and will be one to watch in upcoming competitions.  

Sean Young made his pro debut with a bang winning the heavyweight class over Ohio-native sophomores Reggie Ruffin and Scott Rawlings.  Sean’s shredded symmetry was too much for the rest of class including the much improved Reggie and Scott.  Eric White’s size and density overcame the newcomer Sean in the overall.

Eric WhiteJay Johnsonsean young

WNBF Center Stage Figure Championships – May 19, 2012 in Arlington, VA

wendy pro_stage_smCenter Stages_Pro_Fit_Body

Pro Figure

  1. Wendy Spencer
  2. Penny Seabolt
  3. Kimberly Streich
  4. Melissa Scott
  5. Donna Kratz
  6. Suzanne Barlas
  7. Jennifer Yohn
  8. Monica Yarnall
  9. Rebecca Jefferson

 Pro Ms. Fit Body

  1. Tina Peratino
  2. Kimberly Streich
  3. Wendy Spencer
  4. Melissa Scott
  5. Ashley Zaino
  6. Suzanne Barlass

The WNBF Pro Figure season kicked off with Mary Bell’s Virginia competition presenting a great group of up and coming figure and fit body compettiors.  Wendy Spencer overcame a tough class with balance, incredible leg development and great lines.  Penny Seabolt began her medal spring season collecting her first of 3 silver medals.

Tina Peratino and Kimberly Streich presented a great balance of muscle and athleticsm in the Pro Ms. Fit Body division that should make them competitors going forward in the pro ranks of Fit body.  Tina won the class and went onto finish 2nd at the Pro American the next weekend.


 seabolt spencer_streichperatino

WNBF Pro American – June 2, 2012 in Marlborough, MA

Pro American_LightPro American_Heavy

The Pro American presented the first full lineup of all pro divisions and the competition was fierce.  Taking the lightweight class in men’s bodybuilding was returning champ Ullyses Fowler over the tough rookie Alex Groumbas and a group of muscled pro lightweights. Franciso Monteleagre lived up to the preseason hype by winning the heavyweight class and overall defeating a massive Levi Burge.

Pro Men Lightweight

  1. Ullyses Fowler
  2. Alex Groumbas
  3. Anthony Delgado
  4. Chris Casazza
  5. Sean Campbell
  6. Antonio Bongiovanni
  7. Eric Gibson
  8. Patrick Ngoma 

Pro Men Heavyweight

  1. Franciso Montealegre
  2. Levi Burge
  3. Ray Little
  4. Andy Kalinowski
  5. Tim Pitka
  6. Chris Applegate
  7. Stu Yellin


Pro Figure

  1. Glory Billman
  2. Penny Seabolt
  3. Cyndy Bohn
  4. Melissa Joy Dittmar
  5. Tara Martin
  6. Suzanne Barlas
  7. Tina Peratino
  8. Nadine Ianello
  9. Monica Yarnall
  10. Lori Gianoulis

Pro Ms. Fit Fody

  1. Kristin Fonseca
  2. Tina Peratino
  3. Cyndy Bohn
  4. Melissa Joy Dittmar
  5. Tammy Downes
  6. Erin Duggan
  7. Tricia Countie
  8. Suzanne Barlas
  9. Lori Gianoulis


Pro Women Bodybuilding

  1. Erin Duggan
  2. Kristin Fonseca
  3. Tammy Downes
  4. Leslie Crook
  5. Tricia Countie
  6. Theresa Maloney
  7. Daisy Williams

Glory Billman took the large class of figure at the Pro American with great shape, lats and symmetry with Penny Seabolt collecting her 2nd silver medal of the season.  Muscle is back in style with a tough lineup of female bodybuilders being led by Erin Duggan and Kristin Fonseca.  Erin won the women’s bodybuiding class with great size and balance.  Kristin Fonseca finished 2nd in bodybuilding and won pro fit body division.  Kristin finished 2nd and 4th at the WNBF Worlds last year and should be one to watch.

 franciscomontleagere-promenshwandoverallwinner2glorybillmanprofigure1stplaceDuggan Fonseca

WNBF Pro Universe – June 23, 2012 in Barbados

Barbados FigureThe WNBF Universe returned to Barbados with many rising stars and veterans in the lineup.  The former 2010 WNBF Pro World Champ Martin Daniels narrowly edged out 2011 INBF Amateur World Champ Levi Burge who finished 2nd at the Pro American a few weeks earlier.  An improved Charles Fuller took home the bronze medal after finishing 2nd at the Pro Southern Natural in Austin, Texas last year.

Valerie Worrell took the women’s bodybuilding Ms. Universe title with good muscularity and balance while Shalom Singer won the pro figure division with fantastic shape and symmetry.

Men’s Bodybuilding

  1. Martin Daniels
  2. Levi Burge
  3. Charles Fuller
  4. Rawle Greene
  5. Jim Collins
  6. Rodney Gaines

Women’s Bodybuilding

  1. Valerie Worrell
  2. Leslie Crook
  3. Kori Propst
  4. Marian Worrell
  5. Claire Barrow




  1. Shalom Singer
  2. Penny Seabolt
  3. Elizabeth Mercantonio
  4. Lisa Di La Pasquale 


Pro Masters Men

  1. William Morris
  2. Sam Felts
  3. Robert Yearwood

Martin Daniels_UniverseBurge Daniels_Abs_BarbadosWorrell Barbados

With just half of the 2012 WNBF season complete and majority of the shows still yet to come, there is much still to unfold in the elite natural bodybuilding and figure ranks.  From show-to-show so far we have seen a mix of veterans earning wins and hot prospects making an immediate impact in the pros.  We are just weeks away from the Pro International that David Lee Nall has added to his show in Austin, Texas.  For a full schedule of events and the men’s pro preview click here:

WNBF Pro Bodybuilding Season Preview

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Rich Lauro, WNBF Pro & Promoter