Darin Squat_med

Darin’s path to success thus far in the gym has been steady over the last 3 years.  He has been with Beyond Limits since our first month of operation in January 2010.  And since our humble beginnings as a studio, he has improved drastically.

Darin has exemplified the Member of the Month criteria of drastic physical change, considerable change in physical performance and demonstrator of outstanding teamwork.  Darin has grown from the 170 lb range since first walking through our doors to now over 205 lbs.  This was not done overnight, but with slow and steady determination.  Darin could be considered a creature of habit in the gym habitually squatting, benching and doing hang cleans.  If not for tremendous strength gains, we would suggest change as he finally hit 300 on benchpress, 445 on squats and 295 on hang cleans.

He recently competed at the Denison University Memorial Team Strongman Tournament in April helping the Beyond Limits Co-Ed Team to tie for first.  He can be seen working out with one of several gym members on any given day.  Congrats Darin on your achievment and teamwork in the gym.  Keep up the great work!

Joe Torrens_Team_BLTs_2012_med