Jeff and_Andrea_MOM

We combined the March and April honoring of Beyond Limits Training Member of the Month into one due to the busy spring competition season.  With so many incredible success stories, it was a tough decision for the staff of Beyond Limits to make.  We are pleased to honor both Jeff Covington and Andrea Sweetland for the months of March and April.

Jeff Covington – Member of the Month

Jeff Covington rose to be one of the strongest men at Beyond Limits Training during his preparation for the 2012 INBF Natural Buckeye Classic.  His squat, bench and deadlift numbers are all top 5 after less than a year of serious strength training.  He faced adversity during his contest prep and plowed through it to dial in his conditioning and win the Novice Heavyweight class and Novice Overall at the Buckeye Classic.  Jeff has been a tremendous worker and team player in the gym under the coaching of trainer Terrell Campbell.  Here is a video of him deadlifting 455 for 3 reps during the Arnold Weekend:


Andrea Sweetland – Member of the Month

Andrea Sweetland has transformed her physique dramatically since joining Beyond Limits.  She came to us after losing a substantial amount of weight and then set her sights on making even more dramatic changes.  During this spring all of her hard work culminated with a jam-packed figure competition season!  Andrea competed at the 2012 INBF Natural Buckeye Classic, the ONBF Ms. Ohio, the Toledo Glass Scepter and the INBF Tri-State.  

Let’s not forget she also competed at the Denison University Joe Torrens Memorial Strongman Tournament, joining our team in the final weeks where we narrowly finished in the Co-Ed Team runner-up spot.  Andrea has been a great team player and advocate for the work she has accomplished with the help of trainer Adam Atkinson.  Here are photos of Andrea at the Joe Torrens pressing a 55 dumbbell overhead and deadlifting 206 for reps:  

Andrea DB_PressAndrea Deadlifting