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Members of the Month March & April 2012 – Jeff Covington & Andrea Sweetland

We combined the March and April honoring of Beyond Limits Training Member of the Month into one due to the busy spring competition season.  With so many incredible success stories, it was a tough decision for the staff of Beyond Limits to make.  We are pleased to honor both Jeff Covington and Andrea Sweetland for [...]

Hiring new trainers at Beyond Limits Training

Beyond Limits Training is currently hiring part-time and full-time personal trainers, boxing instructors and yoga instructors.  Beyond Limits Training is a 24-hour gym and fitness center specializing in results-based training.  We are looking for motivated and knowledgeable certified trainers with strong sales capabilities.  Previous experience is preferred, but not required. We are also seeking full-time [...]

Ohio Wheelchair Games at Beyond Limits Training on June 23

Saturday, June 23 at Beyond Limits Training at 11:30am Beyond Limits Training will host the weightlifting portion of the 42nd annual Ohio Wheelchair Games coming up on Saturday, June 23.  We are honored and priveleged to be involved with this great event and continue to support Wheelchair Sports and Drug-Free Wheelchair Bodybuilding.   If interested in [...]

Faith & Fitness magazine features Beyond Limits & Rich Lauro

Beyond Limits Training and Rich Lauro were featured in the April/May issue of Faith & Fitness magazine.  Learn more about how Beyond Limits Training and the Natural Buckeye Classic began in this feature on Faith & Fitness Culture and Leadership.  The introduction: "In the heart of downtown Columbus, Ohio you would expect to find a [...]

Mayhem Circuit Training with Adam

Adam offers Mayhem Circuit Training on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30am and also Wednesdays at 6:30pm for those interested in a change of pace cardiovascular workout that mixes strength and conditioning factors.  Each workout is different earning the name Mayhem. Classes are available 5 for $45, 10 for $80 or 20 for $120 or drop [...]

Sheiko 29: The Beyond Limits Project

The use of power lifting and strength training techniques have gained tremendously popularity in natural bodybuilding and fitness circles in recent years.  Maximal and submaximal training (using 85-100% of 1-repetition maximum or 1RM) are used to increase strength, power and increase the effectiveness of hypertrophy training. The focus today is Sheiko, a Russian program that [...]