Welcoming Community: 

“I am a student at OSU, which means I have the RPAC at my disposal, and if you’ve ever been there; you know it is a huge gym with many offerings.  However, what they don’t have is a sense of community, that Beyond Limits seems to specialize in. I started working out with Adam (one of the trainers) at another gym, and as much as I liked Adam, I couldn’t stand the gym, so I stopped working out.  I was more than pleased when he moved to another gym, and ecstatic when I came to find that everyone welcomed me with open arms.  I am not in the best shape, so working out around people I don’t know is really embarrassing to me, but within minutes, I felt like everyone at Beyond Limits was my friend as they verbally cheered me on.  I am so proud to be a member of Beyond Limits and can honestly say that it is the best gym in Columbus, Ohio!” – Katie C.

Motivating Environment:

“I am so excited to be a part of the gym.  Not a day goes by in there where someone doesn’t help with something or just push/motivate me.  I truly feel blessed because everyone there has something to share and I really feel I couldn’t be in better hand, and company, for my training.” – Kendra S.

World Champion Approved:

“Wanted to say thanks for letting us train at your gym while we were in Columbus.  Awesome place, great set-up and perfect atmosphere to train in.  You have done some good work there!” – Brian W., WNBF World Champion

Great Atmosphere & Staff:

“Amazing atmosphere, great supportive members and staff, and lots of heavy lifting.  Those are three things I would use to describe the gym.  I have been training here for just a little over a year and the staff and members have nothing but support and inspiration.  The clientele ranges from young 20’s to older 40’s plus and everyone seems to have the same goal in mind…To become the BEST possible you possibly can be.  This gym offers many additional tools such as Tires, Logs (for presses), ropes, prowlers and farmer walk handles.  The trainers find new and exciting ways to reach your fitness goals, whatever they may be.  I love this gym and make a 45 minute plus drive daily to train here because the people and atmosphere are simply amazing.” – Justin M.

andrea s_transformation   shannon fischer_transformation2

Knowledgeable & Professional:

“I have been personal training with Adam Atkinson for over 6 months and the changes I’ve seen are amazing!!  His expertise in muscle development and knowledge of proper diet are excellent.  He knows when to push and when I’ve had enough.  Adam always has his clients best interests at heart and listens to their goals like a true professional.  My only regret is that I didn’t seek his guidance earlier!” – Andrea S.

Life-Changing Results:

“I have been training with Rich for over 3 years.  When Rich said he was opening his own gym, I was one of his first customers of Beyond Limits Training and I could not be happier.  I was a complete novice in the gym.  I am a big aerobics fan, but had never lifted a weight or used any sort of gym machine.  Rich and the staff at Beyond Limits know their stuff and they really cared about teaching me and helping me set goals to achieve.  When I began training with Rich, I was about 200 pounds and was a heavy diabetic.  I was on a heavy insulin regimen, had cholesterol out of control and my triglycerides were through the roof.  I was on 4 medications to keep these numbers in control and in the past year and half dropped 20-25 pounds and kept it off.  My pants are down from 36 inches to 30, I’m completely off 2 medications, my overall cholesterol is 110, my triglycerides are well within the guidelines and I’m taking 20% of the insulin I was on.  I contribute these results to both the training and diet Rich created.  In fact, I took the diet Rich created for me to several registered dietitians, and they were in complete agreement with both diet and exercise plan Rich created.  If you want a whole body transformation, look to Beyond Limits Training.” – Steve D.